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Virtual & On-site Inspections

Mandated under CFPB requirements, ComplyTraq’s physical onsite and virtual inspection processes are certified by all three major credit bureaus. We offer on-site inspection (interior and exterior), external inspection (drive-by), vendor inspection and bulk inspection services.

On-Site Inspections

ComplyTraq’s on-site inspection service includes on-site property observation forms customized to your needs. The on-site inspection process includes all required details to meet regulatory requirements including interior and exterior photos.

Our inspectors follow stringent guidelines and are known for fast turnaround and rapid approvals. Site inspections are available in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Our site survey process:

  • On-site industry specific inspection
  • Completion of on-site property observation form
  • Minimum of four clear photos of interior and exterior (a photo of the business license will be taken if available)
  • Stringent on-site inspection guidelines from certified site inspectors
  • Automated tracking and proven confirmation process for fast turnaround and rapid approvals

*Credit Bureau Certified: ComplyTraq is an approved physical and virtual inspection vendor for Experian, Equifax, Trans Union and LexisNexis.

Virtual Inspections

Available worldwide, and leveraging advanced technologies including image authentication software, ComplyTraq’s virtual inspections meet all regulatory requirements with the same rigor as our on-site inspections. In addition, your customers benefit from less disruption and you’ll enjoy the added convenience of offering this service.

Our virtual inspect process:

When a request comes in, ComplyTraq contacts the company to set up the virtual inspection
Using conferencing software (Microsoft Team, Google Meet, Zoom) and ComplyTraq’s web-based inspection form, we walk the company representative through the inspection process step by step.
Using a small code snippet, we transfer the inspection data – including captured images – and confirm authenticity using geotagging, meta data inspection and other anti-fraud technologies.


ComplyTraq offers proper credentialing of customers who access consumer information. This service takes your business and your resellers’ businesses through steps required for proper credentialing while completing the documentation necessary for compliance.

Our comprehensive Credentialing includes:

  • The application or supplemental application, which can accompany your current agreements and asks pertinent questions along with requiring certain documentation that must be submitted
  • Verified application to ensure completeness all supporting information has been supplied
  • Verification that the business nature and intended use have been accurately described
  • Verification that the business is not one of those listed as questionable regarding access rights (i.e., pawnshops, credit repair, private investigators, etc.) and if listed, extra steps taken to ensure intended use and permissible purpose
  • Unique, customized supporting documentation requirements for specific businesses such as tenant screening, employment screening, credit union or banks
  • Verification of supporting documentation supplied indicating a bona fide business such as copy of business license, sales tax records, articles of incorporation, etc.
  • Verification of business existence and documentation supplied through third party sources
  • Onsite or Virtual inspections to ensure place of business, office space, furnishings, equipment, reputation, presence of employees, marketing materials and copies of financial documents such as business check
  • Website review, past and present, for content, privacy policy, terms and conditions, locations, and services
  • Industry standard business phone verification
  • Management review of each file to ensure completeness


You are in the Driver’s Seat and Training Your Employees, Resellers and Customers is Critical.

Even more important is applying best practices in your daily operations. ComplyTraq works with your organization to get them in high gear. Maintaining strict information policies and practices, including full compliance with FCRA and other regulations.

Training includes:

  • The rules and regulations of the FCRA and permissible purpose as well as other privacy statutes
  • Security requirements regarding access to sensitive information
  • Rules regarding data destruction
  • Different levels of training available — for supervisory personnel and others

Help your customers protect their businesses by offering them ComplyTraq Trainings - A Regulatory Compliance Certification Program from ComplyTraq updated annually by industry experts. The amount of legislation concerning business practices and consumer information has increased dramatically in the last decade. Businesses that are not compliant risk severe penalties and even federal prosecution. Through ComplyTraq Training you can offer clients an easy-to-use means of learning the regulations and abiding by them.

Training Module features:

  • Easy Online Administration — Executed over the Internet by simple log in. No PowerPoint documents to shuffle through or paperwork to lose track of.
  • An Engaging, Intuitive Design — Each module is set up as a full-interactive presentation with games, videos and audio files to help make learning interesting. The interface is intuitive, no harder than thumbing through a magazine.
  • Practical Knowledge Efficiently Delivered — ComplyTraq Training modules are designed with business-people in mind. They don’t take too much time and deliver information in everyday language that is easy to learn, understand and retain.
  • Retention Triggers — Each module offers Pre-Tests that help users retain information as they go along. If they make mistakes, the system points them to the place to look for answers - assuring all the critical information is found.
  • A Practical Certification Exam — Designed by attorneys working in the business regulations area, the certification exams ask the questions most important to helping businesses remain compliant.

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