Onsite vs Virtual Inspections: Which Is Better and Why?

Onsite vs Virtual Inspections: Which Is Better and Why?

What if your company was already behind the times when it comes to property inspections?

The recent shift to online has resulted in major changes to the way modern companies do business. And one of the biggest changes is the shift to virtual inspections.

But are virtual inspections as good as onsite inspections? Which is better, and why? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Virtual Inspections: Pros and Cons

What do virtual inspections actually look like? While there are growing ways to conduct remote inspections, most virtual inspections rely on using video and photo technology. And this brings with it some natural pros and cons.

These inspections are typically safer than onsite inspections, which is important in communities still reeling from COVID-19. And combining video technology with various virtual meeting platforms makes it easy for teams to coordinate remotely when they cannot easily or safely meet in person.

However, any kind of virtual video inspection relies on solid wi-fi connections, and this may rule out many properties that you need to inspect. And even when you have a great connection, there can sometimes be a steep learning curve when veteran inspectors need to master various virtual meeting apps.

Onsite Inspections: Pros and Cons

Onsite inspections are nothing new. This is how inspections have traditionally been conducted. But what are the pros and cons of this approach?

The biggest pro is that in person, an inspector may notice certain details that they could not notice on a video feed. In this way, fewer things are likely to slip by the inspector's notice.

Onsite inspections are typically quick (about half an hour or so) and non-intrusive. And the inspector(s) in question don't need to worry about finding a good wi-fi connection or learning how to use a variety of different apps.

With that being said, there are still some downsides to onsite inspections. It's possible the inspector may overlook something with the naked eye that a virtual inspection (including both video and photos) could help them examine in more detail. And as COVID-19 taught us, onsite inspections are not always the safest method when there are major health concerns involved.

Which Is Better, and Why?

All of that brings us to the big question: are virtual inspections or onsite inspections better for your business?

At this moment in time, onsite inspections are still the best bet. While technology is poised to revolutionize this industry, the truth is that the average inspector cannot rely on every single property having the steady internet connection needed to conduct a robust video inspection.

It's possible to conduct virtual inspections using only photos and other documentation. But this simply increases the risk that the inspector will overlook something important that they might otherwise notice during onsite inspection.

In a few years, virtual inspections may be the superior choice. In the here and now, though, we recommend focusing on onsite inspections.

Your Next Move

Now you know about the strengths and weaknesses of virtual inspections and onsite inspections. But what if you could have it both ways?

At ComplyTraq, we specialize in both kinds of inspections. Our onsite inspection process is certified by the three major credit bureaus, and our virtual inspection uses high-quality imagery and stringent guidelines.

To see what we can do for your own business, simply contact us today!

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