How Are Drive-By Inspections Conducted?

How Are Drive-By Inspections Conducted?

Be honest: are you really ready for your upcoming property inspection?

Quick property assessments (also known as drive-by inspections) are a great way to get an inspection out of the way. But if you want the inspection to be successful, you need to know what will happen.

So, how are drive-by inspections conducted? Keep reading to discover our complete rundown!

Why Are They Called Drive-By Inspections?

Our guide will reveal the secrets of these inspections. But let's start with the obvious question: why are they called drive-by inspections in the first place?

For some inspectors, the "drive-by" description refers to a very quick inspection. In many cases, though, the inspection is literally performed from the car by an inspector taking high-quality photographs.

Exterior Property Focus

The primary reason these inspections can be conducted by car is that they focus only on the property's exterior. This is in contrast to a full inspection which would require an inspector to inspect inside the property.

For drive-by inspections, the usual goal is to assess the relative value of the property from the outside. A reliable inspector will take pictures of the property to make their assessment.

If you want the inspection to go well, make sure that the exterior of your property looks clean and uncluttered. Just a little extra prep time can help the inspection go much more smoothly!

Why Use a Drive-By Inspection?

Obviously, a drive-by inspection is very different from a typical inspection. This begs the question: when and why would institutions rely on drive-by inspections?

If a property is in foreclosure, banks and other lending institutions may find a drive-by inspection the quickest and most efficient way to assess its value.

And, of course, drive-by inspections became much more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such inspections (along with virtual inspections) quickly became the safest way to assess property value for owners and inspectors alike!

Benefits of Drive-By Inspections

Now you know more about how these inspections work and why they exist in the first place. If you're on the fence about your own upcoming inspection, it's important to review the benefits of these inspections.

First of all, drive-by inspections are typically cheaper than full inspections. And they don't take nearly as long to complete.

Second, drive-by inspections are easier for property owners because there is less to clean up and worry about inside the property. Damage or other factors inside your property that may drive the value down are a non-issue with drive-by inspections.

Finally, these inspections mean you don't need to let a stranger into the property. That makes this the easiest, safest, and least-intrusive inspection method.

Your Next Move

Now you know how drive-by inspections work. But do you know who offers the discreet and affordable inspections you need?

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